We believe that sustainability is about durability.  It’s the same as lasting quality. Products built and designed to be around for a long time. With a quality that matches it.  

We make our furniture of materials that can be outdoor all year. Still, weather can be harsh and kind of brutal. (We’re from the north of Sweden, so we know all too well.) Give the forces of nature enough time, and they will polish edgy cliffs into smooth rocks. So even if our furniture can be left outside, they might need some assistance along the way, still. At least if you want to turn them over to the next generation, and the one after that. 

Teak wood, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum are all materials that has been proven to work for outdoor use. That’s why we use them. In addition, we put a great deal of focus on the textile, and we only use fabrics that have a high color fastness which means that the fabrics do not fade in the sun and rain.



We make furniture that last over time. There’s a vast difference between making an indoor sofa and making a sofa that can be put in your garden – and be left there. We think of the durability and long-term aspect of design from the very first sketch, or even the first idea, of a new sofa.  

It needs to be sturdy and it should require as little maintenance as possible, if any. 

This leaves us with very few compromises or possible short-cuts. None, to be specific. To achieve the design vision and at the same time make sure that it’s truly built to last, is hard. It takes lots of effort. But the result is a product that is an investment, rather than a purchase.  



We are continuously evaluating the best solution for each product in our range. Our goal is that all our products will be eco-labeled within the near future. Having said this, to eco-label a product without proof and or evidence is against our sustainability work. To label a product without knowing for sure it makes a difference is a solution we never intend to do.