We love teak

Here’s the thing: We love teak. It has perfect qualities for outdoor furniture, yes. It’s durable and hard wearing, sure. But to be fair, aluminum is even more so. Plus, love is something that goes beyond practical features. We love teak because of its poetic assets. It’s a relic from a tree from a plantation in a humid land you’ve never been to. It’s carbon-based, just like you are. It has a soul.

It has an attitude and it has issues. It says “oil me every six months or I’ll stop being amber and will turn silvery grey” and you say “that’s perfectly fine with me”. Or you tend to it, spending an hour or so twice a year, gently rubbing the hard- wood surface.

Love is unconditional. Teak is not.

Please don’t tell our aluminum or steel furniture we wrote this. They are amazing as well. They are just not teak.

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