Let us tell you the story about the Lidö range

In the 17th century, the nobleman Bengt Oxenstierna built a baroque mansion on the Island of Lidö. Then, along came the Russians and burned it down in 1719. These were harsh times.

Since then, though, it’s been a peaceful island. Today people come here to eat at the local restaurant or stroll through the beautiful meadows along the shore. It’s a place for hanging out without a care in the world. Pretty much like the lounge range Lidö.

Designed by Emma Olbers it is made in aluminium, with clever Sunbrella fabric covered cushions, it can be put on a shore-side meadow, or anywhere, and then stand there, regardless of wind and weather.

Sit down, by all means. Have a drink. Think about all the stories there must be about all the twenty-something thousand islands in the Stockholm archipelago, that have never been told.