Have you ever sailed into the Oslofjord?

Then, you know you pass Asker, just before you arrive in Oslo. In fact, you should sail the length of the Oslofjord. It is extremely beautiful, in a distinctly Scandinavian way: entirely without being extravagant or extreme. Kind of like the Asker lounge sofa.

It has an angular, but also rounded expression. It’s voluminous, sure. But also surprisingly tight. Not too much of anything, which may sound like a compromise. But it is anything but.

There are higher mountains, greener forests, whiter wooden houses, and more serrated rocks than you see from the sailboat on your way to Asker. But like the sofa, it’s the whole that counts. The sofa and the fjord have another thing in common. They can withstand the Scandinavian weather.

The rain does not worry them, the sun does not bleach them.