Djurö is a secret place

It’s in the middle of Lake Vänern, isolated from the world by freshwater that stretches into the distance: you feel as though you are out at sea, or the last person on Earth.

Our Djurö furniture range is not quite so secret. But it does share some of the same qualities, the same sensation of other-worldliness

Djurö has a link to the past, to the iconic Scandinavian teak furniture of the 50s. It also gives a very casual nod to the future, in the durable acrylic fabric in the chair seat and backrest. Together, the past and future combine to create a strong sensation of the here and now.

Severely simple, without being the least bit Spartan. Rather like the island that gives its name to this range of furniture.

Fallow deer also roam Djurö, regal and graceful, but seldom seen.

This is a secret place.