John Block is the founder and CEO of Garden by Block – a creative studio that designs gardens and products for garden spaces. In this exclusive interview, he shares insights into his work as well as his best tips for creating a outdoor space that you will cherish season after season. And of course, John is a fan of Skargaarden’s outdoor furniture.


Let’s start with the basics, what are the most important factors to consider when planning and creating an outdoor space?

“I would say creating a common thread and finding a theme that runs through the whole site in one way or another. These could be elements or colors, patterns, and material choices that are found in several places in the garden. It’s essential to consider the client’s preferences, as well as the architectural style and era of the house. We aim to create a garden space that complements and enhances the existing architecture. Additionally, understanding the movement of the sun helps us strategically place patios for different purposes, whether it’s for socializing, dining, or simply enjoying the view of the house from a distance.”


In your opinion, what is important to consider when selecting outdoor furniture?

“Environmental impact and durability! Wood and metal are excellent choices, provided they are sourced sustainably and made to withstand the elements. Taking into considerations the intended use of the furniture is also essential. Are they used for sunbathing, hosting gatherings, or frequent use? In any case the furniture should cater to the specific needs of the users and the available space. But with that said, a good design always weighs heaviest for us. You can quickly see if there is solid craftsmanship behind a product in terms of both design and production.

And let’s not forget beauty and esthetics. It is important that outdoor furniture matches its surroundings and ages gracefully. Skargaarden has a wide range of furniture to match many different outdoor environments, the archipelago, the forest or a rooftop area.”


What feeling and atmosphere do you want your outdoor space – and furniture – to convey? 

“I generally think that both outdoor furniture and outdoor environment should convey harmony. We are so busy and stressed all the time, and time just slips through our fingers. To be able to stop and use your home and garden for contemplation, recovery and rest is what we strive for. Being able to use furniture that conveys the same feeling is very important for the overall picture.”


You have often chosen Skargaarden’s furniture in your projects? Can you tell us about how they fit into your design vision?

”We often design clean outdoor environments that don’t make too much of a fuss. As we mainly design private gardens, there is always a house to consider, and we always have to serve the best interests of the house and lift the house with its surroundings. However, the garden room should function as a room like any other inside the house with space for socializing and relaxing. And this is where Skargaarden is an obvious choice with its stylish design that matches our design language. It is also very inviting furniture that contributes to the overall feel of the garden, the finishing touch that makes the garden complete. For that reason, I often use Skargaarden’s Bönan collection. It’s simple yet elegant, and without it, the room would be cold and incoherent. For the dining area, we often incorporate Laknäs for a functional and beautiful solution that matches most surrounding environments. When you manage to combine function with aesthetics, magic happens. It’s something that should always be strived for in all design.”


Are there any plans to expand the use of Skargaarden’s products in future projects? If so, what characteristics or qualities are you looking forward to continuing to benefit from?


”Skargaarden is always on our mind during the process towards a finished garden. Being able to combine function with aesthetics is something we value highly! When we create beautiful outdoor environments, furniture is an important part of the overall picture, and not having furniture that matches the outdoor environment can be devastating. Skargaarden’s products are right in the middle between being flashy and bland. The fact that they complement our design is something we benefit from in almost all our projects. But more importantly, Skargaarden’s ability to meet both our own and the client’s needs and the close communication between us is paramount to successful projects.”

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