A chair goes through a lot before even becoming a chair. It all starts with an idea of the chair, manifested in countless, rejected, sketches. Here, time and patience is crucial. Eventually, the initial idea has found its true manifestation. Next phase is building prototypes and mockups. Theory needs to be turned into practice. Sadly, this is where most ideas get rejected. The Koster chair made it though. Next step is a skilled woodworker that makes an production prototype of the chair that will test it – thoroughly. More than 50.000 repeats of monotonous static seat and backrest durability tests, followed by heavy load tests. Koster passed the tests. And a standard chair for indoor use in peoples’ homes would have been ready for production. But we intend for Koster to not only be that, but to be for professional use in hotels and restaurants as well. So that means we made it endure even further testing, to meet professional demands and standards. Also, since it’s an outdoor chair, Koster needs to deal with the elements as well. Rain, sunshine, snow, winds. Freezing winter nights and hot summer days. So we put the Koster chair on the lawn and left it there for eighteen months. This is not how people usually treat their garden furniture, but we’re not “people”. We then inspected the chair. The UV resistant rope has the exact same color, two winters and one summer later. The teak has turned beautifully silver grey. And that’s how it will keep looking for many years to come. We designed the Koster chair for design interested people to buy, and keep for a long time. And even pass them on to their children one day. 

Studio Norrlandet

Jari y Anna fundaron Skargaarden en 2007 y desde entonces han desarrollado la marca. Su interés por el diseño y el mobiliario fue la razón por la que iniciaron Skargaarden y más tarde también por la que decidieron fundar Studio Norrlandet.

Diseñar un bonito mueble de exterior es todo un reto, ya que hay que tener en cuenta mucho más de lo que se diseña para el interior. El reto es lo que les impulsa a diseñar muebles lo suficientemente bonitos para colocarlos en el interior, y lo suficientemente duraderos para cualquier reto climático.

Jari tiene experiencia como ebanista formado en carpintería fina. Al terminar sus estudios de carpintería, Jari se dio cuenta de que acabar el último y ser el más minucioso de la clase probablemente no era el perfil más rentable para los futuros empleadores. Ahora, muchos años después, es una ventaja en el diseño de muebles de exterior de alta gama. El interés de Anna por la pintura acrílica y el arte hace que su asociación sea emocionante y, sobre todo, divertida.