In October, 2023, the five-star luxury Nobis Hotel Palma opened in one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Palma. Located in a Muslim palace dating back to the 12th century, it impresses visitors with its unique history and luxurious atmosphere. Helena Toresson, architect at Wingårdhs Architects, is responsible for the design of the new hotel. She explains that the vision for the hotel’s outdoor environment and outdoor furniture was to convey a relaxed, elegant, and high-quality experience.

”We wanted a personal mix of local, Scandinavian products. Textile elements in sweeping large fabrics, parasols, and furniture. Furniture that could match the grand environments it would interact with. We have worked for seven years on this project, which above all involved a large and complex renovation of a 12th century palace. I am very happy and proud of the result of this long journey.”

Outdoor furniture on a hotel or restaurant terrace will always be used by many people for a long time.
Therefore, Helena Toresson believes that durability is the most important starting point.
”The furniture should first and foremost be durable and of high quality. Materials that age beautifully and textiles that stand the test of time are a must. I believe that environments, furniture and things created with care and love last a long time. We tend to take care of them, nurture them and give them a long life. Quality craftsmanship is a natural part of such a perspective.”
Reconciling functionality, quality and design in outdoor environments can be quite a challenge.
”Since the context is outdoors, you really have to think about how constantly exposed the furniture is. In this case, we are on the Mediterranean Sea but still in the middle of a city. The sun, the dust, the winds, the rain, and even the pigeons must be managed and taken into account. It requires a great deal of empathy.”

So, why did the architect team choose Skargaarden’s Saltholm and Kryss collection and how does the furniture fit into the design/architectural vision?
”The Saltholm and the Kryss collection and Skargaarden stand for the Scandinavian element and for craftsmanship, authenticity, and comfort. We always try to mix it up when working with Nobis, but regardless of the location in the world, we want to tell a little bit about their Scandinavian heritage and position.
Helena says that Saltholm and the Kryss chairs will play an important role in the guest experience and the comfort of the hotel’s outdoor area.

”The Saltholm sofa group stands on a sun terrace in the middle of Palma’s old town. Surrounded by narrow alleys, other buildings, and green gardens. On the sun terrace, Saltholm sits alongside sunbeds, parasols, and lots of green Mediterranean plants. Together with umbrellas, tables, and plants, the sofa group offers a comfortable lounge area for a coffee in the shade or a drink at dusk.”

Photocred: Pernilla Danielsson