Contract and projects

The contract and hospitality market has been an important focus for us since the day we started producing outdoor furniture many years ago. Our contract team is ready to help you with your projects. We are happy to help out with small projects like coffee shops, exclusive yachts, and residential house projects to large hotel complexes. CLICK HERE to see a few of the projects we have had the pleasure to work with. Contact Magnus or Mark and they will help you with material samples, COM fabrics, custom colors and everything else that you need for your project.



Get in touch and we will help you to set up an account with trade terms for contract and hospitality orders in our B2B portal.

MAGNUS HANSSON Contract and retail sales manager for Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy +46 (0) 70 289 3755
JOEL MODIGH Contract and retail sales manager for the rest of Europe Contract sales manager, North & Central America +46 (0) 76 800 6920
JESPER JENSEN Contract and retail sales manager West Coast, USA