The southwest corner of Sweden is a peninsula stretching out towards Denmark, and it is home to the twin towns of Skanör and Falsterbo. Both of them exude bohemian nobility and natural privilege. Here, obviously, Joseph Frank drew and built five summer houses – the only ones in Sweden. Here, southern Swedish nobility bathes in the nude. Today the towns have grown into one and it’s not always apparent where Falsterbo ends and Skanör begins. But there is, they say, an embankment separating the two, with Skanör south of it and Falsterbo to the north. Our lounge ranges, Falsterbo and the new Skanör, are not easily separated either, with the latter as an evolutionary step from the former. But still there are some distinct differences. Such as the taller back-rest with nine slats, instead of seven, and the placing of the cushions.

Carl Jägnefelt & Joacim Wahlström

Carl and Joacim both grew up on the coast, on opposite sides of Sweden. Here, in their own words, is how they developed the Häringe and Falsterbo ranges: “Our underlying thinking when we work with Skargaarden, is to design furniture that fulfills its purpose, as well as stands the test of time in terms of style and everyday use. This means remaining true to simple construction techniques, and spending a great deal of time on material selection and details. We think that the best furniture comes about from a large helping of gut feeling, tempered by strict common sense.”