Oxnö lies on the island of Gålö in the Stockholm archipelago. Here, pines edge toward the waterline, held back by grey rocks with the quiet authority of millions of years of experience. This is not a spectacular place, but one that is uncomplicated and beautiful: precisely the sublime qualities that inspire our Oxnö range of dining chairs and tables. The Oxnö chair has curved slats in the seat, which by their ingenious design seem to float just outside the frame. The details are innovative and intricate, but the overall impression is so simple that it almost feels effortless. It is nearly as though the chair is aware of its own clarity. Meanwhile in Oxnö: nothing, absolutely nothing, happens that has not already happened for the past ten thousand years. The same pines, the same rocks.

Oxnö is a dining range in teak. May be used in the open air or indoors, it’s really for you to decide. Nicely worked-through design, as in the ingeniously mounted seat which gives the impression of floating in the air just above the frame.The cushions of superior quality Sunbrella fabrics, made to endure both the sun and the rain.If you use the teak outdoors, you can oil it once a year to maintain the look – or choose not to oil it, and watch it transform into a lovely silvery grey.

Matilda Lindblom

Matilda Lindblom studied Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies at Linköping University, and at Sweden’s University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. She has a highly developed sense for design and materials. Grinda, Djurö and Oxnö are three good examples of her ability to make furniture that at first glance appears simple and straight forward, but when you take a closer look, reveals intricate qualities and clever details that lifts design from purely construction to a craft.