Isolated, in the middle of the otherwise open sea between Sweden and Denmark, belonging to the latter, lies Anholt. A spectacular island in many ways, all of them very toned-down. For example, most of the island is desert, the only one in the Nordics. But a flourishing desert, with more than 400 varieties of flowers. The lounge system with the same name is made to withstand the summers in the Nordic desert, as well as the autumns and winters. And they are something very different. Aluminium frames, and cushions that can be left outdoors. The same kind of barren beauty as the island can be found in its lines. It’s also somewhere between Danish and Swedish in terms of appearance. Which isn’t the worst place to be at all.

Susanne Grønlund

Susanne Grønlund is a multi-awarded designer, who went to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and then started her own studio in Aarhus, back in 1991. Susanne’s design philosophy is a very firm one. She says that her job is to “improve people’s surroundings when it comes to aesthetics, finctionality, tactility and sustainability”. All of this is to be found in Skargaarden’s Anholt lounge range. It’s minimalistic, in a sense. But it’s also generous.