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A classic stainless steel cafe chair for outdoor use – but also a kind of test of how minimalistic a chair can get and still have a distinctive character. The result is aesthetics, governed by ethics. Or, put simply, the opposite of wear and tear.

Sustainability, in all aspects of the word, is at its core. It’s durable, resilient and resource-smart. It looks contemporary by being timeless. This chair will last. And it will not be out-dated.

Inspiration for the chair, and its name, comes from Arholma, an island with a secret defence facility hidden inside its cavernous rocks. Products designed for military use are made to be resource-efficient, have long lifespans, and a simplicity that comes from a clearly defined function, be it a Jeep or an M65 jacket.

Arholma is that. It can be on the deck of a destroyer, in grey camouflage, or outside an ice cream stall in Vienna, on the gravel, under the oak trees.

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